PhotoIreland Festival 2017 - The Recount of Conflict

‘Across the River will be exhibited at PhotoIreland Festival 2017, as part of the group show ‘The Recount of Conflict’.  The exhibition will run at Pallas Projects, Dublin, from 4-14 May.

‘The Recount of Conflict presents projects focused on the disruption of the everyday life of individuals, families, communities, organisations, countries, etc. The artists selected for the exhibition are Anna Ehrenstein, Demetris Koilalous, Jasper Bastian, Marcus Haydock, Mark McGuinness, Martin von den Driesch, and Sascha Richter. Their projects offer a rich and contemporary look at diverse aspects of conflict. Some of them engage with key issues such as identity, gender, nationalism, and migration. Others present us with observations of how ideologies, distant from the lives and concerns of ordinary people, have affected dramatically their everyday life. Meanwhile, others underline the power of media in the recount of conflict, the broadcast of History, and also ours as its readers and critics.’

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