Jasper Walter Bastian


  1. Menotrentuno V - Young European Photography in Sardinia

    Date 21 Jul 2016
    ‘Across the River’ will be exhibited at the 5th edition of ‘Menotrentuno  - Young European Photography in Sardinia’. The images will be on display from August 5 until September 30 in the the old town of Biti. For more information click here.

  2. PDN Photo Annual 2016

    Date 04 May 2016
    ‘A Road Not Taken’ is one of the winning series of this year’s ‘PDN Photo Annual’ award.  For more information click here.

  3. Interview for Slate Magazine

    Date 09 Apr 2016
    For more information click here.

  4. FERN:SICHT - Group Exhibition in Cologne

    Date 10 Mar 2016
    ‘A Road Not Taken’ will be shown at FERN:SICHT, a group exhibition of graduates from the ‘FH Dortmund’ at ‘Altes Pfandhaus’ in Cologne. Join us for the opening on the 8th of April, 2016. For more information: www.fernsicht7.de

  5. Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism

    Date 10 Mar 2016
    ‘A Road Not Taken’ will be exhibited at this year’s ‘Lumix Festival’ in Hannover, Germany. The festival will take place from June 15 until June 19 at the pavilions of the former Expo area.  For more information: http://fotofestival-hannover.de/

  6. ‘A Road Not Taken’ on New Yorker Photo Booth

    Date 21 Jan 2016
    “About an hour’s drive south of Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius, the country’s narrow panhandle, locally known as the “appendix,” starts to push into the countryside of neighboring Belarus. The joke in Lithuania is that, while drawing the borders of the region, Stalin set his pipe down on the map—no…

  7. Festival Circulation(s) 2016

    Date 13 Oct 2015
    My new work ‘A Road Not Taken’ has been selected for next year’s ’Festival Circulation(s)’ along with 22 other European photographers. The festival will take place from March to June, 2016, at ’104 Centquatre’ in Paris. For more information click here.

  8. British Journal of Photography & Photonews

    Date 13 Oct 2015
    Images of my series ‘Across the River’ has been published in the ‘British Journal of Photography’ and the German magazine ‘Photonews’, as part of an article about the ‘Danish School of Media and Journalism’. For more information click here.

  9. 6Mois - Photo of the Week

    Date 13 Oct 2015
    For more information click here.

  10. Interview for London Independent Photography

    Date 12 Oct 2015

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